Why Walla's Newsletters are a Differentiator for Studio Loyalty

Email marketing is one of the most powerful engagement tools. It’s a revenue generator estimated to be worth over $11 billion and is expected to increase to $17.9 billion in the next three years. But with over 306 billion emails sent and received daily and 64% of small businesses using email to reach their prospects and clients, are your newsletters ranking and getting read? (If you aren’t 100% confident in your response, it’s time to rethink your strategy—good thing Walla is here to help!

In a digitally driven environment where it’s easy to use webinars, videos, and social media to capture client attention, email marketing and newsletters are one of the most effective strategies that get results. And has an impressive ROI of $36 for every $1 spent. So the question is: Are you consistently sending newsletters to your consumer and client base? And while your answer is likely yes, are your newsletters consistent and performing? Or are you sending them as a to-do on your studio marketing checklist with all your studio news for the month in one long place? 

It’s a fact: Most of Your customers don’t read—they scan, so you need to ensure you're optimizing every email send. That’s why Walla’s all-new Marketing Suite enables your studio to seamlessly create and automatically distribute beautifully branded newsletters, empowering you to stand out from competitors and increase client engagement. Our built-in email marketing tools give you the ability to:

  • Customize and segment individual emails based on client personality type 
  • Reinforce studio branding with AI-powered email and newsletter tools 
  • Keep your clients educated and your studio top-of-mind in their inbox

Here’s how Walla is helping you send compelling, revenue and retention-boosting newsletters to your email lists and community—no designer or copywriter needed—with our top, proven tips on content, layout, and more!

The difference between an automated email and a newsletter


This is a reminder that a newsletter is part of your regularly sent email distribution at your studio, and it highlights the nurturing type of content that deepens the connection to your studio community while providing brand awareness and education. Keep the sales-forward emails to your automations, and use newsletters to increase retention as you engage specific audiences with content and copy they want to read—and enjoy!   

TIP: Ask your clients what they want to learn more about their fitness and wellness practice, what interests them about your studio, and how often they wish to receive newsletters. Feedback is an easy way to inform your marketing strategy, engage your community, and show their opinion matters as you create content for your newsletters! 

Easily create a responsive, beautifully branded experience 


Your newsletter is a representation and reflection of your brand (and your attention to detail) as soon as it lands in a client's inbox. The goal of your layout is to encourage them to engage, to *hopefully* read (we covered the scanning part earlier), and take action. But hey, we aren’t all designers. That’s why Walla’s Marketing Suite gives you a hands-on experience with suggested newsletter templates, individual location-based email footers, and an intuitive build-your-own feature so you can easily design, create, edit, and optimize every newsletter send, including mobile-responsive designs that look good on every device! Plus, our AI tools and drag-and-drop editor allow you to easily add, delete, clone, and rearrange content blocks, images, text, and more so you can control how your brand looks and feels without wasting time. 

TIP: Keep in mind that your newsletter template should always align with your unique visual brand. That means your logo should be front and center and the star of the show so your clients know exactly who it’s from as soon as they open your email. Always stick with your brand colors and fonts, making sure they are easy to read in your template and layout (we suggest avoiding overly complicated fonts here!)—and remember to save your templates for future use!

Make your newsletter content meaningful (and not overwhelming) 


The core of your newsletter? Content. It’s why you send this type of email—and it’s why your clients open it. And one of the most important rules for boosting newsletter performance: Short and sweet. Remember how we mentioned that consumers don’t have time to read above? You want to make your content straight to the point, of course with personality, and even if your clients are scanning, you want to encourage them to stop, slow down, and read your newsletter with compelling text, topics, imagery, and titles. Always include your most important content first, get to the point, and if you have a lot to say, consider linking out to a blog on your website—that’s great for traffic and boosting your SEO ranking. When it comes to newsletter copy and imagery, Walla’s AI tools can help with that! Our built-in AI functionality is able to create dynamic and original email copy that aligns with your studio’s voice and tone and generate images that fit your brand. But be careful not to overload your newsletter with images; they will be inherently slower to load in certain inboxes and could more likely end up in a Spam folder. (We all know your newsletter content is too good to end up there!)

TIP: Sharing meaningful content that matters means being meaningful with your newsletter strategy. Two to three topics in a newsletter is the sweet spot from an engagement standpoint. Supporting copy for a subject in your newsletter should be 200 words or less (don't forget to tap into the benefits of directing to a blog) and you should focus on one main CTA (call to action) where you want to drive traffic and your clients to. The CTA should be direct and align with your brand, like “Book Your Spot” or “Don’t Miss Out”, both simple, friendly, and effective. 

With Walla’s newsletters, we are giving you the power to modernize and optimize your branded email content in the same space you manage your studio so you can access instant, personalized client insights with every send. That means high engagement and a deeper connection with your studio—and mission—inspiring community, connections, and a commitment your clients well-being.