How Walla’s Marketing Automations Are Proven to Capture Client Attention

Did you know that over 50% of your clients want to hear from you more? According to marketing and industry expert Catalina Zbar of Telomere Consulting, being more strategic with your communication cadence can significantly impact your business and bottom line. So where do you start, and how do you know what you’re sending is the clear, efficient communication that your clients crave? 

Walla’s Marketing Automations are the proven answer. With a built-in, preset feature and functionality in our Marketing Center, our automations allow you to easily edit and send targeted messages based on significant triggered events. Plus, our automations get an over 75% open rate (triple the industry average), meaning clients at Walla studios nationwide are opening, engaging, and making purchases based on these segmented messages.

Whether it’s a virtual high-five or encouraging a client to upgrade to a membership, Walla’s automations customize communication so you can do less work and save more time. We are helping your studio nurture clients and new leads as you increase retention and revenue while building a more efficient and resilient business. Here’s how our automations enable you to easily control what messages you want to send, driving conversions through streamlined emails and text messages*. 


Automations created to capture client attention across their studio journey

Win-Back Opportunities: Automatically engage and win back clients with targeted communication


With Walla’s Win-Back Opportunities automation, we will contact your clients on the fifth and twentieth days after their plan expires. That means you can be smarter with engagement, instigating an upsell, increasing profitability, and inspiring a purchase promptly. Consider creating and personalizing a plan offer specially tailored for this audience, allowing them to take action and you to be confident that this automation is successfully hitting the mark while making sure no clients are lost.

Intro Offer Automation: Upsell plans and convert more members  


Stay on top of all new clients who purchased an intro offer without second-guessing their status. This automation contains a sequence of personalized communication that includes reminders, expiration dates, and plan offerings to help increase conversion rates. And use direct links for plans you don’t typically sell online! Deliver the best, most concise message on time without extra effort, enabling you to engage and convert them to long-term studio members while showcasing their value and worth to your community!

Milestone Automation: Celebrate success and deepen brand connection


Client milestones are among the best ways to recognize significant and small accomplishments. You no longer have to pull reports and use third-party platforms to message clients. This automation automatically triggers to celebrate their success. Requests for feedback, surprise-and-delight gifts—sending a quick reminder to your clients is a major motivator, creates an environment of encouragement, and strengthens their connection to your studio, naturally inspiring them to book more classes and share word-of-mouth marketing.

Expiration Reminder Automation: Reduce churn, encourage studio return


Take advantage of every expiration date to sell a new plan! Our automated expiration reminders will contact clients whose plan has expired if they have not made a purchase in five days—and again in 30 days. This automation allows you to capitalize on a straightforward retention and revenue opportunity while preventing churn as you seamlessly offer new plans without thinking twice about expiration reminders. 


Make more informed automation edits and decisions based on data

Marketing automation reporting  (3)

Understand how your automations perform 

Walla’s Marketing Automation Reports offer easy-to-understand data on who and how your clients engage with automation communication individually. You can quickly access automation stats under Reporting in the side navigation or under the Marketing Center next to the name of a specific automation trigger to see performance. Each summary of stats for an individual automation communication (like Intro Offer Welcome) will showcase the details of the marketing funnel for a period of time and location and include:

  • Sent: How many clients were contacted 
  • Delivered: Number received by clients 
  • Opened: How many clients opened automation communication
  • Clicked-Through: Number that engaged with the call to action (CTA)

For every single automation, you’ll also get personalized reporting on the client’s name who received the automation and if they got it via email or text—along with delivered, opened, and clicked in side-by-side columns. This reporting can help you discover ways to optimize your automation communication and follow-up with clients to help increase sales, impact retention, and reduce churn at key points in their studio journey.  

As we continue to build out our marketing suite, we’re always working to empower you with industry-first insights and tools to effectively communicate with your clients, maximizing and optimizing every touch point, every time. 

*Two-way text messaging is a Tier 2 feature but is an easy add-on to your software plan.