Daily Recaps Paint the Full Picture

A single page for everything that happened yesterday, see your sales, new clients, expiring plans, cancellations, and more in an easy-to-understand format.

Take Action on Active Plans

With our preset action-oriented cards, easily identify expiring and class plans running low so you can take action for more sustainable revenue.

Get an Overview of New Clients

Sort and group data in various ways and always know who's new to your studio so you can follow up and keep them coming back, increasing overall retention.

Manage Intro Offer Conversion

Conversion is critical, and we will alert you to unconverted offers so you can proactively reach out. In addition, get a visual look into all of your offers—and the plans they've converted to.

Simplified Snapshot of All Sales

Stay on top of the sales volume for your business, then sort by category to see where you're performing best and apply fixes where needed.

Use Billing and Predictive Billing to Your Advantage

Identify payment issues first and foremost, then see your total billing per month along with your projected billing for months in the future!

Track Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Metrics

The holy grail of subscription metrics, easily track your MRR and view and group by any period of time you prefer.

Save Your Accountant Time With Financial Exports

Easily download a detailed CSV export that includes all of your transactions for a customized period.

Automated Complex Payroll Calculations

Eliminate Complex Pay Rate Problems

We'll calculate what you owe your employees and contractors, taking into account any untraditional pay rates.

Easy-to-Read Payroll Exports

Separated by employees and contractors, export your payroll for import into the provider of your choice.

View Payroll by Activity

Ensure your payroll is correct with breakdowns of amounts by class, shift, and commission.

Always Stay Compliant

Instructors that come in a little early and stay a little late? We'll automatically ensure they're properly paid for class time and front desk time, even if they're under two different pay rates.

Contextual Dashboards

Mainstream Client Metrics

Keep on top of client visit patterns to increase retention with key metrics available in every client profile.

Staff Insight Overview

View any staff member page to see their key performance data, like reliability and how often their clients take their class.

All-Encompassing Dashboards

When you log in, find your most important business metrics front and center on your dashboard overview.

Equipment Tracking

One Place for All Your Assets

Keep track of all of your equipment by location, vendor, price, purchase date, brand, and model.

Track Warranty Details

Add warranty dates in Walla to make decisions easier when repairs (and replacements) are needed.

Keep Up With Maintenance

With our business settings dashboard, you'll be alerted when maintenance is approaching—and overdue.

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