What’s Up at Walla: Take Advantage of Retail Opportunities

In our latest release, we’re updating software functionality and launching an all-new Retail Report built to give you an intuitive, holistic view of items you’re selling at your studio. And when it comes to clients and plans, we are also releasing an option to allow class plans to start on first visit. So how can our new features benefit your fitness business?


Get customizable insights into your product sales

You asked—our team answered. Located under Financials in the side navigation of the Walla software, the Retail Report gives you stats into your product sales (and product sales only). From stocking those more expensive yoga mats to branded t-shirts, water bottles, and protein bars, our report can help you spot buying trends, take advantage of retail opportunities and see how you can grow your business with items your clients want. Because we all know boutique studios carry our favorite products!

The Retail Report can be filtered by date, location, category, and product type/name. And with built-in tooltips to help answer your questions instantly, this report shows you easily viewable fields that contain:

  • Total Pales 
  • Total Profit 
  • Items Returned 
  • Items Sold 

You can also review a breakdown of retail line items based on category, gross sales, discounts, tax, returns, net sales, profit, and total. And if someone purchased a rental, that will also be listed on this report. 

Our Retail Report was created to be a totaling tool to help influence your retail purchase decisions—and give you a clear view of what’s selling and what’s collecting dust on your studio store shelves. #newyearnewgear

Give new clients flexibility when they want to start at your studio

Now you can decide what plans start on first visit for all plans in Walla! Located as a field under Unlimited or Limited Plans, determine when you want a plan to start—especially if you want to give your clients an adjustable initial booking timeline. Please note this feature will apply to all future plans and not retroactively impact current active plans. 

By customizing specific plan start dates, you no longer have the liability sitting on your books but can still be proactive when offering flexibility. And if you find yourself thinking about (or know someone who is) opening a new studio, starting a plan on the first visit allows you to presell memberships whenever the studio opens—which can always be a moving target!