5 Strategies to Generate More Leads at Your Studio

Leads are a key component of your fitness business, and the flow of prospective members directly impacts your success. But as we all know, leads are seasonal. Leads come and go. And capturing the attention of potential clients and expanding your customer base requires testing and iterating on various strategies. So where do you start—and what lead-generating channels can you optimize to increase revenue, impact conversions, and keep members engaged and continually booking?  

Here are our top tactics at Walla that are effective to help you attract more clients:

1. Offer a compelling discount for first-time studio visitors

Trying to capture a lead’s attention in an often overwhelming, digitally-driven environment can be a challenge. Creating a compelling introductory discount that stands out but doesn’t cheapen your brand for new clients should be a priority. Consider it a short-term gain for a long-term value when providing a discounted offer. With Walla, we make it super-easy and hassle-free to create and promote offers that showcase your studio’s worth while allowing leads to explore your experiences, classes, and instructors. Build out an intro offer or introductory discount to membership, and give studio leads the chance to be motivated by your mission and create a habit that fits their goals and budget. Plus, our modern in-product reporting gives you instant insight into if your offers and discounts are performing. 

2. Leverage email marketing campaigns and create relevant content

Use the email addresses collected through lead magnets, guest passes, or studio sign-ups to nurture potential leads. Send regular newsletters, exclusive offers, and updates about your fitness studio to keep them engaged and interested. And with Walla’s built-in marketing suite, you can easily and instantly segment leads with relevant, personalized content that accurately reflects their engagement and current experience at your studio. Plus, a blog or vlog at your fitness business can be useful for sharing valuable fitness-related content and helping your studio website's searchability. Don’t have time to write? Trying using an AI tool like ChatGPT to create and publish relevant content. Providing useful information and tips establishes your fitness studio as an authority in the industry, can attract potential clients, and boosts discoverability so leads land on your website to learn more (and that’s when you capture them with a first-time intro offer or discount!). 

3. Increase lead generation and revenue with Gympass

Have you heard of Gympass? With bigger payouts and over 60,000 companies that use their platform to offer their employees access to the best studios, gyms, and wellness centers, Gympass seamlessly integrates with Walla to connect your fitness business to thousands of prospective clients in your area. You’ll be automatically connected and get instant visibility to new leads, introducing a fresh audience to your studio. And unlike Classpass, Gympass partners with companies that pay their employees to take classes, giving them greater flexibility regarding their membership options. That means you’ll get new leads through your door, money in your pocket without the extra effort, and a strong chance for positive word-of-mouth marketing—and fuller classes!  

4. Stay active on social media and utilize local influencer marketing

The best way to get noticed by leads? By being active in the same social spaces as them. First, consider where and what platform your studio demographic is on and then engage. Regularly post branded content on social media channels to stay top-of-mind with your audience. And don’t forget to share client testimonials—social proof is powerful! Encourage interactions and respond to comments to foster a sense of connection and trust. You might want to consider running Facebook ads, too! Collaborate with local fitness influencers to promote your fitness studio on their social media. This will give your brand credibility, showcase your studio worth, share an introductory offer, and eliminate any in-studio intimidation around a potential client’s first class. Make sure the influencers you engage fit your mission and are authentic in their approach to promoting your fitness business. 

5. Get creative with events—even host an open house

Catch lead attention by thinking outside of your four studio walls! Organize fitness workshops, seminars, or events that are open to the public. These events can showcase your expertise and facilities while giving attendees a taste of your studio's offerings. See how you can leverage local partnerships to host your events and expand your invite list from a hotel rooftop to a theater or a boutique down the street. Unique spaces capture more attention and show goodwill and support within your community. Want to show off your studio (and expand your local connections by inviting some vendors in)? Try hosting seasonal open house events where potential clients can tour your fitness studio, meet the instructors and trainers, experience sample classes, and try out new products. Share swag, a giveaway, or exclusive discounts during the event! Open houses create a sense of relatability and humanity in your brand and help engage and convert prospects into leads.

Combining these strategies allows you to create a comprehensive lead-generation plan that drives more potential clients to your fitness studio. Be consistent, persistent, and customer-focused to maximize the success of your lead generation efforts.