How to Customize Client Communication, Reduce Churn, and Easily Upsell With Walla’s Intro Offers

You’ve created your boutique fitness studio environment to be a welcoming, inspiring space. A place where clients can achieve their fitness and wellness goals wherever they are in their journey. Yes, they come for the workout, the flow, the strength, and the flexibility, but what makes them stay is the feeling of community, the connection to your brand, and knowing that they matter as a member. So when a new client steps through your studio door, is your intro offer strategy sustainable—and what can you do to keep them coming back, convert them into a long-term member, and increase word-of-mouth marketing? 

The intro offer experience is one of the most effective ways to capture new client attention. At Walla, we want to optimize and empower every touchpoint ensuring no one gets “lost” in transition. By building features, baking in easy-to-understand reporting, and highlighting intro offer call-outs, we enable your studio and staff to leverage customization and personalization to sell and market smarter when engaging with clients who signed up using an intro offer.  

Analyze intro offer conversion rates and take action with transparent reporting

Real-time access to informed context around intro offer reporting is a game-changer for client engagement. Walla’s Intro Offers Report, located under the Plans section of the Report Center in the main navigation, gives you an all-in-one view of conversions—showing MRR (monthly recurring revenue) tied to those conversions. Now that’s a feature everyone loves! Plus, the action card on this report gives you instant insight into clients with active and expired intro offers. You can also see if those clients are opted-into marketing, enabling you to proactively and individually reach out to them so they don’t get missed or forgotten. And in the FitTech industry, that is huge! Walla’s not only equipping you with easily digestible client intro offer information, but we are also showcasing profitability opportunities to upsell and engage in a meaningful and timely manner. 


Use personalized communication to increase conversions and encourage plan purchases  

Yes, the Intro Offers Report measures all the important data points around intro offer performance. It also allows you to see additional client information in a single click. That means when you send that text message, make that call, share a push notification, show up in their inbox, or chat at the front desk, you can customize the conversation to fit an individual studio experience. Utilizing the color-coded action cards at the top of the report, you can go one step further by clicking to review active and expired intro offers. From there, you can immediately access a specific client’s profile. This overview of a client's activity lets you be equipped with personalized details to add depth upsell opportunities. Now you can get as granular in the conversation as “It looks like you’re loving the Hot Powerflow with Vanessa—isn’t she a great teacher? Do you know she also teaches Restorative Yoga on Thursday nights?”.  That helps you set a foundation for an authentic marketing and sales strategy. 


Save time with streamlined intro offer upsell opportunities

At Walla, it’s always our goal to eliminate the manual work when it comes to your studio management software—and that applies to building and selling plans, especially for intro offer upsells. We make adding intro offer discounts into your membership model easy without any different integrations, duct tape, or hacks. You determine the deal. Walla will do all the work behind the (software) scenes. When new clients purchase a specific plan, we will recognize that their last purchase was an intro offer and automatically apply the discount! You can feel confident that your discount positively impacts the intro offer conversion and keeps that client booking at your studio while boosting revenue, reducing churn, and actively improving retention. 

Tap into targeted marketing automations to keep new clients engaged 

Did you know our automations get a 75% open rate? Yes, you read that right! So why not capture client attention more strategically and efficiently, especially when it comes to the newer members of your community? Walla’s built-in Intro Offer Automations allow your studio to stay on top of new clients who have purchased an intro offer without second-guessing their status. Featuring a sequence of personalized communication, this automation includes strategic content, including booking reminders, expiration dates, and plan offerings that enable you to capitalize on intro offer traction while increasing conversions. You can even include direct links for plans you don’t usually sell online. That’s an intro offer win-win! You’re selling more, keeping clients engaged, and saving your studio and staff time without any extra effort.