Customize Intro Offer Discounts on Plans Instantly and Automatically Increase Client to Member Conversions

The global boutique fitness studio market is valued at over $49.3 billion—which means a lot of competition and a lot of potential clients looking for a fitness business and community to call home. There’s no shortage of demand for individuals searching for niche-like fitness classes and experiences to complement their commitment to personal well-being. That’s where boutique fitness comes in. So how can you easily capitalize on this growing influx of consumer spending on specialized fitness as they try to find a space where they belong (and can achieve their goals)? 

Introductory offer discounts. 

Intro offers aren’t a groundbreaking concept, but how you incorporate trial incentives as you customize your plans and sales strategy can make all the difference. And when you do it right, it can be a significant driver in impacting revenue, increasing conversions, and reducing churn while promoting value and urgency, according to industry expert Hensley Ellefritz. Plus, she says you can use a rinse-and-repeat model when you have a strong intro offer that supports an introductory discount. 

With Walla, we make adding a discount to plans simple, enabling you to capture potential client attention in a timely manner during the booking and buying process without any workarounds—and without overcrowding your software with one-off memberships. Here are a few features and tactics that can help your studio engage more prospects who reach your studio using an intro offer and leverage their attention in real-time to drive more purchases and convert more long-term clients.  


Instantly add and publish intro offer discount details in a single place when creating and editing plans 

Forget the extra steps that take time. Walla’s plan creation functionality automatically allows you to add an introductory discount to any existing or new unlimited and limited plans in seconds. And the details are up to you! You control if there’s a discount—and who can access the incentive. We do the work behind the scenes to ensure it applies to qualified clients. 

Under the Plan Management tab on the main navigation, right-click on a current plan to edit introductory offer discounts or add your offer within the Prices & Terms tab when creating a new plan. Both options give you the ability to: 

  • Choose No | Yes | Yes, but only for new clients if their only purchased plan was an intro offer if you want the plan to include an introductory offer discount
  • Select Dollars or Percentage to reflect the discount amount
  • Decide the number of payments you want the discount to apply to

Now save your changes and enable your clients to tap into your studio introductory discounts, helping to drive conversions and positively impacting your bottom line, especially if they sign up for a recurring membership!


Empower clients to automatically purchase a plan with an intro offer discount on your studio widget 

Enabling your clients to access a discount when they move from an intro offer to a recurring membership without any extra effort is a game changer for your studio and staff. By streamlining this functionality in the Walla software, clients can easily see plans with introductory discounts that apply to them, eliminating front desk questions and any barriers to purchase while providing an incentive that illustrates value and worth. Streamlining and optimizing the introductory discount experience gives you the confidence to convert clients without losing that at any critical touchpoints in your sales process.


Utilize strategic, targeted communication to increase intro offer upsell opportunities 

Walla’s Intro Offer Nurture Marketing Automations provide key messaging at different stages of a client's or prospect's journey at your studio when they book and buy an intro offer. Within this automation, two communications are triggered after an intro offer expires:

  • Intro Contact After Plan Ends: sent post-intro offer expiration if the prospect has not booked used their intro offer
  • Intro Final Followup After Plan Ends: last notice; sent five days after their intro offer has expired 

Both these automations are built to nurture and include specific upsell opportunities—like plans and membership options at your studio—enticing them to buy something even if they haven’t used their intro offer. This messaging is the perfect way to link to plans with introductory discounts, encouraging a purchase through timely communication that showcases the value and the opportunity to book at your studio. And with Walla’s automations getting an over 75% open rate (triple the industry average!), your message will capture a client's attention and drive them to buy and book utilizing strategic, timely communication. 

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