Create a Perfect Match with Your Brand

Select headline fonts and base fonts to match your existing website, along with link and button colors to compliment your brand.

Easy for Your Clients

Walla's widgets allow your client to manage all aspects of their account, saving you time at the front desk—and on the phone.

Increase Plan Purchases

Select which plans you want to offer virtually and increase revenue by making it incredibly easy for clients to buy plans online.

Everything Your Clients Need

Clients can view their schedule, history, current plans, and transactions—even update their payment settings and profile specific to your studio.

Eliminate Login Confusion

Other platforms have clients creating multiple accounts, leading to login frustration. With Walla, clients only have single login while still enabling you to keep your specific information private.

Direct Website Updates

By using Walla widgets, you can ensure that the information on your website is always updated in real-time to include everything you've entered in our software.

Widgets That Work Everywhere

Our widgets are compatible with all major website platforms, including Wix, Squarespace, and Wordpress.

Widgets for (Almost) Everything

Post your class schedule, enrollments, plans and pricing, user accounts, video on demand library, and gift cards with ease.

Share Links on Your Website

Want to sell an intro offer on your site? Quickly generate direct links for landing pages to feature any plan you have!

No Developer Needed

Anyone can easily copy and paste our widgets into their existing website.

Rave Reviews!

"So impressed with Walla...traveled all over and it's a way better system than the previous."

Eliminate the Business App

Everything You Need in One Place

No need to download yet another app! Walla is designed to work across all platforms so you get the best experience with less hassle.

Consistency That Saves You Time

With a seamless interface across devices, you'll never have to wonder where a feature is hiding.

Instant Software Updates

Whether a business app is redundant or worse, outdated and inconsistent, Walla eliminates the confusion with cross-platform software that instantly updates across all devices simultaneously.

Your Client App

Eliminate Competing Offers

No more digging for important action items. Your dashboard keeps you up-to-date on the data that is most crucial for your business.

Send Your Own Notifications

Tired of others pushing notifications to your clients? Now you choose what your clients see (and don't).

Make Announcements

Control your homepage and keep clients informed by creating and publishing your own announcements right in the app.

Self Check-in

Save Time at the Front Desk

Our check-in kiosk screens allow you to use any device to enable clients to check-in at any time independently.

Privacy Protection is a Priority

We show the minimum amount of information to protect client privacy while allowing a seamless check-in experience.

Customize It

Change the display based on your studio needs.

Ready to upgrade your studio?

Give us 15 minutes to show what Walla can do for you!

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