Time-Saving Electronic Signatures

Digital waivers make it a better experience for you and your clients when they walk into your studio.

Automatic Waiver Updates

When waivers are updated, all clients are automatically flagged to review and re-sign during their next visit.

Convenient Pre-Class Registration

Waivers appear early in the sign-up process, eliminating the hassle of getting the paperwork completed before class.

Instant Status Alerts at Client Check-In

Get real-time notifications and alerts on the check-in screen and individual client profile page.

Set Policies by Location

Customize Waitlist Settings

Easily configure the number of minutes prior to a class you'd like the waitlist to close.

Easily Set and Edit Cancellation Windows

Separately set class cancellation windows for unlimited and limited plans.

Control Policies at a Single Location Level

Seamlessly manage and override global studio policies at specific studio locations.

Automatic Fee Collection

Instantly capture more revenue with automatic late cancelation and no-show fee collection. And don't worry, we'll delay those charges a day, so you have time to adjust or remove the fee if needed.

Calculate No-Show and Late Cancellation Consequences

Determine the amount you would like to charge and whether or not the client will lose their session, credit, or booking fee they paid for class.

Contracts Docs

Online Contract Organization

When creating a new membership plan, attach a contract from your library to ensure consistency and document completion.

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