Send Bulk Sub Requests

No more sticky notes, rogue emails, texts, or Slack asks. With Walla, you can streamline sub request communication and eliminate confusion and sidebar conversations, informing teachers all at once.

Contact Eligible Instructors

Whether a teacher needs one or 21 classes subbed, send targeted communication to eligible instructors so you get the exact person needed to teach class without creating unnecessary communication and confusion.

Automate Approval

With time-saving sub management features, send, deny, and approve instructors via automatic notifications. Plus, with a little backend “magic,” Walla will update your studio schedule, eliminating extra work.

Metrics dash

Track New Client Retention

First impressions (and experiences) are everything—so how do your instructors stack up? Our first-timer reporting data measures initial class retention based on teacher and against studio instructor averages.

Measure Instructor Demand

Clients per class? Fill rate? With easy-to-understand data, discover how your teachers are impacting client numbers and revenue in relation to studio averages.

Compare Profitability

Leverage insights to measure revenue-generating instructors based on classes and capacity—and make informed decisions regarding performance, profits, and pay rates.


Influence better scheduling decisions based on how an instructor ranks on the popularity scale with monthly retention and clients.


Influence hiring and class instructor strategy by seeing what instructors you can rely on to teach classes according to the studio schedule.


Using Walla’s personality quiz results, see what type of clients best fit an instructor's communication style—and encourage smarter engagement.


Track Staff Certifications

Ensure your instructor certifications are up to date and view alerts when they expire, eliminating last-minute expiration concerns.

Define Instructor Eligibility

Easily list which classes an instructor is allowed to teach, saving you time when establishing class details.

Personalized Calendar Overview

View personalized schedules for individual instructors so no one misses a beat (or class).

Clock Time More Easily

Log in and out via the menu bar, or edit up until the end of your payroll period under the instructor profile.

Review Employment Records

With the right permissions, access essential information about your staff members in a safe, secure place.

Assign Correct Pay Rates

Negotiate multiple pay rates with your staff and record them in their profile, ensuring incorrect payments is never an issue when scheduling class.

Automatic Shift Reassignments

Need to let someone go? We'll notify you if they're currently on the schedule and let you choose how you'd like to reassign their scheduled shifts.

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