Endless Payment Options to Choose From

Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH (coming soon!), cash, and every major credit card you can imagine is built in to the Walla platform.

Credit Card Terminals That Save You Time and Money

Swipe, tap, and get back to business? Not only does our terminal seamlessly integrate with any device, you'll save even more on your credit card processing fees.

Go Green With Electronic Receipts

Our paperless system means you're doing good for our planet—and good for your studio. Client receipts are saved as PDFs and emailed automatically.

Making Point of Sale More Modern

No need to buy extra devices that take up space. Our responsive software means you can use any computer or mobile device as your point of sale system.

Account balance

Directly Refund a Client Account

Have a "no refund" policy? Send credit to a client account balance to be used for their next class, plan, or retail purchase.

Apply Balances at Checkout

When a client checks out, we'll display their account balance on the screen, so they have the option to use it or keep it for future purchases.

Easy Payment Adjustments

Want to issue the client a credit? It's simple to add or subtract money from account balances (just don't forget to include a reason!).

Gift Cards

Store and Save Gift Cards In Your Digital Wallet

Never misplace a gift card again! Clients can keep gift cards handy in their digital wallet. Plus, they look really awesome on mobile!

Continually Capture Additional Revenue

Our clients have seen increased gift card sales and extra revenue because it's so easy to get started and sell gift cards.

Gift Cards That Get You More

Want to sell $120 worth of service for $100? Increase revenue and cash flow with great gift card promotions.

Buy and Spend Online or In-Studio

Clients have the option to purchase gift cards online or in-studio—making it easy to cash in that gift card in any of Walla's checkout flows.

Fully Automated Delivery

Clients can schedule delivery, and the recipient will receive an email with a fully branded gift certificate they can print, download, or save to their phone.

Incorporate Your Old Cards

Box of plastic cards laying around? Our gift card system allows you to custom sequence your gift card sales to match the codes printed on the cards.

Personalized Branding Options

Fully customize the branding of gift cards to match your studio vibe.

Determine Gift Card Amounts

Offer gift cards in the denominations you decide—or let the client choose within a pre-set range.

Promo Codes

Apply to Any Number of Payments

Create promo codes that apply to a single payment, a set number of payments, or permanently for all payments.

Set Codes by Dollar or Percent

You can set codes to a dollar amount or a preferred percentage of the entire invoice.

Boost Sales on Individual Plans

Promo code for a specific plan? Increase sales of your most profitable plans with well-timed, targeted promotions.

Restrict by Category

Every promotion you create can be restricted to a class, enrollment, plan, retail purchase—or all of the above.

Option for New Clients Only

Add a promo code valid for only those who have no previous purchases. Plus, we'll validate so you don't have to double-check the details.

Limit by Expiration Date

Promotions can be set to expire by a chosen date with the added ability to expire promo codes within that particular promotion even earlier.

Restrict Redemption by Usage

Entire promotions can expire after a number of uses with the added ability to limit the number of redemptions of a specific code.

Assign Codes to a Specific Client

You'll have the ability to offer a client a discount, even narrowing the deal down to a pre-determined product.

Implement Order Size Minimums

Limit promo codes to minimum order size (a dollar amount), helping you manage purchases more accurately.

Unlimited Promo Codes per Promotion

Create the promotion once, and then add any number of distinct codes to be used by your clients.

Track Redemptions With Ease

Promo codes are the key to offering incentives without lowering your overall prices, so we'll give you insight into what is working—and what isn't.

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