5 Tips to Make the Most During Your Walla Migration

Have you heard the saying “you grow through what you go through”? In the fitness and wellness industry, this statement rings true. You’ve seen the highs and lows of running your own business. You’ve pivoted to online while patiently waiting to reopen your doors. You’ve taken a step back (and a lot of deep breaths). You’ve reset—and through it all, you’ve grown. But when it comes to switching studio software, is growing part of the journey?

We get it: Change can be daunting. And changing your software? Well, that doesn’t sound fun. But at Walla, we’ve optimized and modernized the migration process because we view change as liberating. An opportunity to experience positive growth as you take your business to the next level (while taking back a little time in your day).

So what can you expect when you make the transition to Walla? Well, you'll be supported every step (or leap) along the way. And while seamlessly and safely migrating your studio data is just the beginning, here are five ways you make the most from your Walla migration:

Press the Reset Button: Conduct a data "cleanse."

Consider this the spring cleaning your old software provider always needed. By proactively eliminating the data clutter and streamlining your current business and client information, migrating to Walla becomes even easier. Plus, we will provide you with a list, so you’ll know exactly what we need on our new platform.

Talk to Us: Leverage communication with our onboarding team—and your clients.

When you migrate to our platform, it’s a guarantee you’ll have a lot of support (and we might become best friends). We’ll provide you with an easy-to-use onboarding guide with an in-depth and organized checklist, so you are in the know on all the steps. It’s like a transition treasure map. Plus, you’ll get short and sweet staff training videos along with three onboarding calls, so you and your team feel fully supported. We will also provide you with customizable client communication to preemptively inform your clients of the software switch. Trust us; they will be happy you’re upgrading to a better online and in-studio experience.

Insider Knowledge: Tap into our complimentary professional services.

Want some insight into your current studio website? How about your class plan and pricing models? The Walla team is made of fitness industry insiders and tech experts—and you’ll have an opportunity to leverage our wealth of knowledge. During your onboarding and migration process, ask about an hour of professional services. You’ll virtually meet with a team member for an hour as we take a deeper look at your class pricing structure with a price strategy consultation. We will also review your current studio website and make Walla widget suggestions to eliminate barriers to sales and optimize your site design for conversions.  

Ace Your Review: Complete your new Walla site audit.

Now that you’ve learned the in’s and out’s of our software and set up all your classes, schedules, pay rates, plans, widgets, etc., we’d love to take a look! Our team will do a full site audit before your chosen “go-live” date so you can feel extra confident your site is configured correctly and ready for showtime. And if we find anything that needs your attention, we will make sure you fully understand the feature and immediately fix any issues.

Don’t Consider This a Goodbye: Take part in post-live onboarding calls.

Have a few questions? Need a little more insider Walla software knowledge? Just want to chat and let us know how things are going? After you’ve been fully onboarded to our platform, you’ll have the option for three calls with a team member. It’s like a touch base to check in on your progress because now you are officially a Walla partner—and we want to see you be successful as we grow together!

If you're ready to discover a new studio management platform that does the heavy lifting for you, there's no better time than now. Talk to our team to see if Walla is the right fit for you!