Studio in Focus: 4 Reasons Why Your Clients Need the Walla App

Did you know 85% of consumers prefer using an app for a faster, more convenient experience? That’s why we built the all-new Walla app; to simplify how clients interact with your brand. But what does that mean for your everyday interactions? By showcasing your studio without competitor distractions, browsing and buying classes and plans—and staying in touch with studio news and events—is now easier than ever. Plus, profile details, including history and payment methods, are available in the app as soon as a client logs in.

Free for all Walla partners and your clients, the app's goal is to make your mobile experience even more impactful while showcasing what makes your boutique studio and community thrive.

Here are four reasons why your studio should encourage downloading the Walla app* today!

A better way to market your brand.

The Walla app was built to focus on your brand—and give you a platform to highlight your unique boutique business. From this week's class schedule to upcoming events, when your clients log in to the app, your studio will be the only thing they see, helping to build a better connection to your studio and community, especially in a pandemic-adapted environment where every encounter counts.

Your studio is just one tap away.

Like some third-party apps, clients have to favorite their go-to studios and scroll through hundreds of classes to find their next sweat session. The Walla app has no competing offers to distract from your schedule and individual studio. Clients can instantly book in-person and livestream classes, buy plans and credits (hint: ultimate flexibility and additional revenue), and access account details all in one place. There are no extra logins, no outside client sharing, just a seamless mobile experience straight from their iPhone home screen.

Track milestones—and increase retention.

First class this week or fiftieth class this year, the Walla app tracks milestones with ease. Featuring a user-friendly interface that encourages clients to engage with their accomplishments (or try something new), the navigation makes it simple to toggle between schedules and purchase options. Showcase plan options that fit clients' budgets and goals to keep them continually motivated without having to exit out to a different platform to make a purchase or track their accomplishments.

Stay informed any day of the week.

Text, email, Instagram—with so many ways to share information, clients missing important (and exciting) studio messages can happen. By utilizing the visual announcement dashboard on the Walla app homepage, you can eliminate confusion and questions by focusing on concise and clear communication, whether it’s a studio event, new instructor hire, or a weather-related closure. And with real-time updates and customizable push notifications, your clients will always automatically be in the know without searching through an overcrowded inbox.

So are you ready to streamline your boutique business operations and give your clients the best mobile experience on the market?

The Walla App is available in the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).