How Walla’s Teacher Ranking Report Makes Your Studio Schedule More Bookable

What makes your studio stand out from the competition? Yes, branding, marketing, searchability, availability, location, class types (even parking!) are essential, but the biggest differentiator is who you hire. And how they measure up to your mission and connection with your clients. It’s their playlist choices, front desk interactions, class structure—and, most importantly, how your instructors impact client relationships. 

Walla’s Teacher Ranking Report (located under the Classes in the Reporting section of the main navigation) is one data-driven overview that can help your studio be more confident and strategic with what instructors appear on your daily roster and class schedule. This report lets you define who is good (or bad) for business and positively influences revenue and retention, giving you a baseline for how to measure instructor performance without second-guessing decisions. 

So which instructors rank highest and influence retention? How many classes can they teach? At Walla, we make it easy to answer those questions and understand performance so you make smarter scheduling decisions in seconds. Here’s how the Teacher Ranking Report can give you instant, time-saving insights and measure instructor success metrics, especially as you’re trying to sell more plans, nurture clients, and optimize every class or appointment on your schedule.

Determine who deserves more (or fewer) teaching spots on your schedule 


Filter by date and location, including virtual, our Teacher Ranking Report establishes a baseline compared to studio averages on how instructors measure up against each other and expectations—fair and balanced comparisons according to the data. You can see how your instructors compare to one another and if their in-person or virtual class presence relates to and ranks with your clients—and keeps them booking. The report allows you to see the following:

  • Average Fill Rate: average number of checked-in clients per class based on all classes taught by a particular instructor over a selected period
  • Average Clients: average number of checked-in clients per class based on all classes taught by a particular instructor over a selected period
  • Reliability: number of classes an instructor is scheduled to teach and the number of classes actually taught
  • First Visit Retention: new clients whose first visit took place over the selected period and who returned for a second visit  
  • Average Profit Per Class | Total Profit: profit (revenue minus pay) per instructor over a selected period 
  • Average Revenue Per Class | Total Revenue: revenue per class by the instructor over the selected period


Easily access instructor profiles to get an all-encompassing, individual view of performance


Understanding who you hire—and who is on your schedule—can impact your studio's reputation, retention, and sales strategies. From the Teacher Ranking Report, you can click on any instructor’s name on the report to view their individual statistics dashboard. The goal of the information? To help your studio understand and establish success metrics regarding your staff and how they perform in your studio. This data-driven dashboard gives you a holistic view of individual instructors, including client retention, demand, profitability, reliability, and chemistry with clients (our favorite!). You’ll be equipped to make smarter scheduling decisions by using the instructors who fit your studio culture and who your community loves. Because at the end of the day, the instructor is one of the main reasons clients return to class! 

Equipping you with the exact instructor metrics you need in an easily digestible format allows you to make more informed, business-forward decisions, like who is getting paid too much, too little, or who deserves a raise (eliminating pay rate mysteries). Faster financial decisions without any math! And the insight you can gain from the Teacher Ranking Report and Instructor Statistics dashboard can help guide interactions, like reviews, allowing you to provide informed feedback based on data. When you can foster an environment of learning and growth with your instructors, you empower even stronger client interactions and motivate them to take a more significant role at your studio, mentor, or reevaluate what they want to achieve with your fitness business!