The Walla App: A Streamlined Account Login Experience

Did you know the Walla app has over 600,000 bookings? It’s your clients' preferred mobile-friendly browsing, booking, and buying experience method. So how are we making it even easier for them to log in and get assistance if they have a question? 

Overall updates for iOS and Android:

Streamlined account login experience: Client’s first time using the Walla app? On the app home screen, we’ve added a reminder that they must create their account on your studio website before logging in to the app. But once their account is created, it’s a seamless experience. No extra passwords needed!

Client question? Ask your studio first! Plan cancellation, changing membership details—in the Walla app, we’ve added a reminder that they should reach out to you, their studio, first for help with their account. And if it’s something your staff is unable to help with, Walla Support is always here to assist our studio owners and partners! 

The Walla App is available in the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)