The Power to Automatically Change Plans for Clients

A simplified backend and intuitive shortcuts can be a game changer when efficiently running your studio And when it comes to customizing plan options, minimizing the steps when making updates can help eliminate staff and client frustration and confusion. That’s why our Plan Change feature is so important to your daily operations.

Save time by instantly adjusting plans for your clients 

Tired of sticky note reminders to cancel a plan? Or long strings of communication about canceling client memberships and reselling in person, on the phone, or over email? With the ability to update an active plan directly under a current client’s profile, you can make changes for the next billing cycle in a matter of seconds—and determine if this change is an upgrade, downgrade, or neither (an industry first!). We’ll communicate the action, and you can keep your client's booking without missing a beat. Just select Change Plan, choose an eligible plan, get a snapshot of billing details and confirm!

Automatically send plan change communication 

Every time a change to a plan is made, your clients will receive an automated, personalized, pre-set email so you don’t have to think twice about sending notifications. This type of communication includes plan change confirmation, billing cycle details, and errors with plan change due to failed payment. These messages enable you to feel confident your clients are in-the-loop, mitigate extra front desk inquiries, and be able to track plan change communication in case there are any questions or confusion.

Solidify changes based on plan status and billing cycles 

When a studio staff member changes a client plan, the current plan must be active to update in real time. No changes are allowed if a plan is paused, there is a scheduled pause, or it has been canceled. And if a client wants to update their payment method for the plan change, just select a saved credit card—or add a new one to their account. By keeping a concrete billing cycle for clients, you’re establishing an expected payment date and reducing miscellaneous charges, making your reporting and their statements easier.