What’s Up at Walla: Automatically Target Clients Who Purchased an Introductory Discount

Segmented communication for clients who completed their introductory discount? Now that’s one way to target the right clients at the right time. As the Walla team continues to optimize and add to our intuitive platform offerings, here are a few of our latest feature and functionality additions: 

Introducing an introductory discount status marketing automation 

A brand-new condition in our marketing suite enables your studio to seamlessly contact clients who are either: 

  • Currently engaging with and using their introductory discount at your studio
  • Have not completed their introductory discount 
  • Did not receive an introductory discount 

You’ll also be able to target clients whose introductory discount expires (or has expired) based on a specific timeframe and date. 

Differentiating between a new client—and who has taken their first class, appointment, or enrollment

On the class roster and appointment/enrollment schedule, easily distinguish a client's status at your studio with color-coded icons that are visible (and staff-friendly). “New” will appear in orange next to anyone who has had their first experience at your studio and has never taken a class/appointment/enrollment before. And if a client has taken a class but not an appointment, and they booked this appointment for the first time, a “First Appointment” badge will denote them—and vice versa for their first class, but it will say “First Class” badge.   

A few other features for this release: 

  • Cleaner, more simple design updates to the client check-in experience 
  • Graph added from the accrual tab to the cash basis tab on Walla’s Cash/Sales Report
  • Updated language to transactional waitlist email so clients understand that they haven’t made it into class because there’s no room for them to get in from the waitlist 
  • Self-set and a step-by-step guide for studios to pair their credit card terminals and troubleshoot any issues
  • Updated filters and summarized data in Walla’s Plan Gain/Loss Report

Questions about Walla features? Check out our support library! Please note you must be logged in to Walla to access this support content.