What’s Up at Walla: Stay organized and save time with built-in tasks!

Keeping your studio organized without the extra effort on your part? Now that’s a win-win. Here are a few of our current key releases that can help you and your staff save time while staying streamlined, especially when it comes to your studio experience. 


Tasks: A virtual, in-product to-do list 

Schedule a follow-up, automated email to all your first-time clients? Wash and fold the towels at the end of the day? With Walla’s Tasks, internal to-do’s can be created and assigned to studio staff—with or without a due date—and can feature links to audiences within the Walla Marketing Suite or clients.  

  • Tasks are located under your name in the top navigation of Walla and include a notification over an individual picture/profile when there are task(s)
  • Once a task is assigned, it can be marked as completed and displayed as completed under the task creator


Prerequisites: Save time and administrative work 

Walla’s prerequisites will automatically be enforced when a client is booking, or you’re adding them to a class, so your staff doesn’t have to worry about accurate data and client details. They will be instantly tagged to a client profile after attending an associated class. 

  • Easily create a class and assign appropriate prerequisite tags so clients can see if they qualify in real-time
  • Manually assign a  prerequisite tag if a client is approved to take an upper-level class (but hasn’t taken the requirement at your studio) to book online 
  • If a client does not have a prerequisite to take a specific class, they will be unable to book that class and will be instructed to “Call” the studio


Lead Forms: Capture more potential clients

Part of Walla’s Marketing Suite, lead forms allow your studio to add an in-line or pop-form to your website that fits your brand!

  • Lead form data will be directly imported into Walla and tagged appropriately
  • Manage and view all responses per specific lead form 

If a website visitor has only filled out a lead form and has yet to create an account, they will receive unique communication directing them to their email to continue account creation. 

Questions about Walla features? Check out our support library! Please note you must be logged in to Walla to access this support content.