What’s Up at Walla: Engage Clients and Sell More Plans With Our Win-Back Automation

From in-depth (and easy-to-understand) appointment reporting to a marketing automation built to help you win back clients, our latest product release is all about making your studio operations more powerful. So what product functionality have we added to Walla, what new actions can you take—and how can you make more strategic and informed business decisions? 


Automatically engage and win back clients with targeted communication

With Walla’s Win-Back Opportunities automation, we will contact your clients on the fifth and twentieth days after their plan expires. That means you can be smarter with engagement, instigating an upsell, increasing profitability, and inspiring a purchase promptly. Plus, our marketing automation emails get over a 75% open rate (more than double the industry average), so you can easily leverage client interest and turn that into immediate action. 


Measure appointment metrics and instantly have access to additional client details 

As we continue to optimize the appointment booking flow and experience, Walla’s all-new No-Show/Late Cancel Report shows you exactly which clients are unsettled and enables your staff to take action regarding studio no-shows and late cancellation fees. Located under Appointments in our Report Center on the main navigation (and similar to the Classes No-Show/Late Cancel Report), our appointment report offers a holistic view of who is booked and who owes money so you can instantly settle up. You can filter by only unsettled clients, too. This report lets you cancel an appointment that has not been settled in seconds and edit no-show/late cancel fees individually. And now, we made it clearer to see what a client owes now and what is owed later when they pay by credit card or cash with an updated remaining balance verbiage on the appointment booking screen.


Original contracts are saved to a client profile, so you know exactly what they signed

Waivers and contracts change. Get updated. Get Edited. But we ensure your virtual “paperwork” is in order and accurate by saving the exact version of what every individual client signed. So if you need to go back and review, let’s say, John’s membership agreement or want to check the liability information tied to his account, we’ve got you covered with the original documentation.


Saving time and simplifying how you view and message contacts and leads  

Walla’s Contacts section of our platform is your hub for lead and client information, whether it’s their birthday or plan purchases. Now when you visit Contacts located on your main navigation, you’ll see two sections: Clients and Leads. These two tabs enable you to see the status of your clients and prospects, take action, and get a streamlined view of their journey at your studio. Lead Account Created has been merged under Leads and be found in status. Under the Actions button on the clients and leads tabs, you can now bulk message up to 500 contacts so you can be more efficient with client communication. 

A few other key product updates, features, and functions that made it in this release: 

  • “Sticky” filters on the main schedule: When you search your main studio schedule, you can get more granular with the results you see. So if you select a location, class, staff, and/or room on the overall Schedule located on the main navigation, your filters will be persistent, meaning whatever filter you choose will stay selected as you click through different screens. 
  • Shortening no-show communication timeframe: If a client is a no-show, the communication regarding their fee will be sent 12 hours later, not 24 hours. By updating the timeframe for client notifications, we give your studio time to edit or reverse the no-show fee before the payment method is charged. Easier for your books and easier for your clients!