7 Reasons Why Walla Is the Best Livestream Experience for Your Clients

Let’s face it: How studios host, schedule, instruct (and conduct) workouts has drastically changed. If we’ve learned anything over the past two years, it’s that virtual fitness has become part of the exercise “norm”—and it is continuing to see significant growth. Online and virtual workouts are estimated to gain 30.1% CAGR between 2020 and 2026, further solidifying the importance of studios needing a reliable, convenience-based streaming platform for group fitness classes.  

When we started Walla, we saw hundreds of studios struggling to host livestream classes confidently. Failed links, technical glitches, numerous logins, inaccurate pricing. It quickly became a non-negotiable that virtual couldn’t be just another add-on; we had to build a better livestream experience straight into our studio management platform.

By creating a more streamlined virtual integration in our software, we save your studio time and equip your clients with a consistent virtual experience that can positively impact your bottom line. But what makes our livestream capabilities truly stand out?

Here are seven reasons why scheduling livestream classes with Walla is a motivational, revenue, and retention game changer:

Seamless Zoom integration that eliminates extra costs.

With our Zoom app, you can connect your Zoom Pro account in Walla and enable livestream for your studio (and all your studio locations) with the click of a button. Plus, you won’t have to pay extra fees to access the Zoom API connection, saving your studio money where it matters most.

Stream multiple livestream classes at the same time.

Three different virtual Vinyasa classes at 5:30 pm? We make it simple to set up several Zoom accounts so you can stream numerous livestream classes without any overlap or technical glitches.

Eliminate virtual workout worry with default Zoom settings.

Max participants, automatic mute, join after start time? Control and manage your Zoom settings so your instructors and clients can expect a dependable experience every time they log in for your livestream classes.

Never copy and paste livestream links again.

Select how long before a class you want to share the livestream link and leave the rest to us. We will automatically create and send the clickable Zoom link to clients via email or text before the class begins, ensuring error-free entry for all participants!

Start livestream directly from the class check-in screen.

No searching or opening multiple screens to begin your next virtual workout. You can start your livestream class instantly from the class check-in screen, keeping both your in-person and virtual roster and class details all in one easy-to-view (and use) place.

Customize and easily add livestream to any membership!

Including livestream in memberships and plans is as simple as tapping a button! Decide if you want to offer livestream or hybrid on the plan creation page and give your clients the power to choose what works best for their workout routine.

Price livestream classes accurately with credits.

Is your in-studio 7 am Pilates 101 worth more than your virtual 4 pm? With credits, you can price and sell classes based on worth and perceived value, giving your clients the flexibility and freedom to book what fits their schedule and budget—helping to boost retention and revenue.

Ready to discover a studio software partner that puts you first? Walla makes livestream a tech-savvy staple at your studio—and values your success every step (or leap!) along the way.