Our Top Motivational Podcasts To Keep You Going Strong

From the little wins to the letdowns, no matter where you’re at in your personal or professional life, there’s a podcast for that. Trust us; we have a library on speed dial (or play). But as each dimension of wellness has become an empowering priority over the past two years, motivational podcasts are so much more than big egos talking about success, making millions—and unicorn dreams. They have become an outlet for the unexpected and real-life lessons taught through the lens of challenging experiences. And this list of podcasts features precisely that.

Ambition, mental health, secret struggles, empathy, laughter, and memorable moments that became poignant lessons, our list helps you realistically focus on your goals. Whatever you want to achieve, these podcasts inspire small changes and share nuggets of wisdom regarding career, finances, relationships, business practices, positivity—you name it! So, we asked the Walla team what they are listening to and talking about on our #general Slack channel and rounded up six of the most motivational podcasts we’ve got on repeat.

1. Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

In this podcast, well-known researcher and author Brené Brown focuses on humanity and connections. (Did we mention she is a huge inspiration to our co-founder, Laura? It’s her life lesson quote). Brené has meaningful conversations with everyone from artists to activists and celebrities while she dives into their lives and work. She also shares some of her own research. Listening to this will make you strive to develop deeper connections at your studio and in life.

2. On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

Life coach, author, and former Hindu monk, Jay Shetty’s goal is to make wisdom mainstream. Or should we say viral? Whether it’s a reality TV star or change maker, Jay addresses all personal and passionate topics, including self-work and self-worth, mental health, relationships, and embracing the unknown. His perspective on knowledge, the greater good, and wellness are 100% all motivation all the time.

3. How I Built This with Guy Raz

Consider this podcast a catalyst for some major career inspiration. Host Guy Raz (one of the most popular podcasters out there) speaks with creators about how they founded their company or started a movement from ideation to successful completion. Spanx founder Sarah Blakley is one guest our marketing team finds totally relatable!

4. MotherLoad 

Bridging the gap between ambition and motherhood, host and mompreneur Lindsay Roselle speaks to high-achieving leaders about realistically managing their mental, emotional and physical wellness when defining success. Laura sat down with her to discuss her “fear of reciprocity” in a recent episode! Business strategy, conscious communication, prioritizing personal wellness— Lindsay and her all-star guests empower listeners to manage entrepreneurship and motherhood, eliminate a defeated attitude, and feel good about doing it all!

5. Too Smart for This 

This podcast focuses on helping female entrepreneurs own and hone their craft while mapping out their path to success. Host Alexis Barber, content creator and YouTube content strategist, might be 23 years old, but she does a killer job at providing actionable advice on what it means to get after and achieve your goals. Her candid interviews with women across very diverse industries inspire entrepreneurship in a realistic and applicable way, wherever you are in your business or career. Plus, Alexis’ approach feels like you’re at brunch with a friend, simply casual, fun, and knowledgeable.

6. Terrible, Thanks for Asking 

So how are you really feeling? Author and host Nora McInerny isn’t afraid to ask. And what we get is motivation in the purest form. In this podcast, her guests share personal stories of illness, loss, grief, accidents, and more as they navigate a culture Nora describes as promoting “oppressive optimism.” Wait, so where does the motivational, feel-good content come in? Hearing individuals overcome and work their way through even the most unsurmountable challenges and darkness truly makes you feel like you can tackle anything, too. 

What podcasts make you feel motivated—and are a topic of discussion around the water cooler? We’d love for you to share with us on social