Our 4 Favorite Product Features of 2022

It’s that time of year when we reflect on what the last 12 months have meant to us. Whether it’s stepping outside of studio survival mode or contemplating opening a new location, 2022 has thrown a lot our way.

So what did the past year mean to us?

Let’s start with the over 758,876 classes booked on Walla—90% of those being in-person!—and the 450 feature and functionality requests that we added more than 50% to our studio management software. It’s all about moving fast and getting clients back in class! But amongst the product releases, support chats, podcasts, social posts, and webinars, there are a few features that we see as highlights and major wins for your everyday studio operations:


The Walla App - App-solutely the best!

Now on iOS and Android, our app not only focuses solely on your studio brand, but it also elevates browsing, booking, and buying with sophisticated, straightforward interactions. Plus, it simplifies client communication while increasing retention and engagement.   


Marketing Automations: Driving conversations (no stick shift required!) 

Nothing is better than a built-in, free, customizable communication that automatically enables you to nurture client relationships and sell more plans via email and text*. That’s exactly what our Intro Offer Automation does—and we are just getting started! So what’s next? A Marketing Automation Reporting (coming oh-so soon) and a Milestone Automation, just to name a few.


Sub Management: Approved or denied—you decide!*

Streamline sub requests without ever missing a message (or conversation). Using targeted communication to eligible instructors, you can find a fill-in quickly and get the exact instructor you need, enabling you to inform clients and instantly update your studio schedule with a bit of behind-the-scenes Walla “magic.” And with automated sub management features, you can save time by approving and denying instructors via automatic notifications. 


Instructor Statistics: Great expectations

Being able to make scheduling decisions confidently? We’ve got you covered. This dashboard gives you the exact metrics you need to measure performance—and see who should be on the schedule more or who is unreliable and impacting studio rapport. Instructor Statistics with our Teacher Ranking and Class Analysis Reports help you ace studio scheduling success! 

Here’s to a new year—and many more industry-changing features coming your way! 

*Sub Management and Two-Way Texting is a Tier 2 feature. Contact the Walla team to learn more!