What’s Up at Walla: Organize Studio Contacts with Tagging!

As the Walla team continues to add technology and new functionality to our software as our platform’s capabilities evolve to meet and empower everyday studio needs, here are the most recent features and product updates that impact your operations, staff, and clients!

Livestream appointments: Allow your clients to take advantage of personalized experiences anywhere!


Mirroring how you create and schedule livestream classes in Walla, your studio can now assign livestream to an individual appointment, enabling your studio to sell more and tap into specific client virtual demand. When adding an appointment, you can select if the session location can be booked via in-person or livestream—remember, it can’t be both! You can also build and sell appointment plans that offer hybrid booking options, giving your clients ultimate flexibility in accessing your high-quality personalized studio experiences.

Tagging: Manually mark clients based on status and more in anticipation of our all-new marketing suite! 


As the Walla team works on client segmentation and marketing automation capabilities, we’ve launched our first iteration of tagging! Create a color-coded tag under Tags within the Contact Center in the main navigation. Tags can be anything from “completed teacher training” to “level 2” for Pilates. Please note tags are manual right now and only viewable in the Contact Center—but automated functionality is coming, and that’s when you’ll want “100th class” type tags so they update in real-time. Once a tag is created, you can easily filter, organize and assign specific tags to your contacts for better, more strategic communication as we finalize product features for a future Walla Marketing Suite! 

A few other feature updates that made it into this release:
The power to instantly remove details directly from your Walla account:

  • Delete staff profile
  • Delete waivers that are no longer applicable
  • Delete pay rates that are not currently tied to a class, enrollment, or appointment

Questions about Walla features? Check out our support library! Please note you must be logged in to Walla to access this support content.