What’s Up at Walla: An All-New Intro Offer Marketing Automation

At Walla, we’ve been staying busy implementing new features and functionality—and updating our software to be even better. In this release, we’ve launched an all-new Intro Offer Marketing Automation that can boost retention, reduce churn, and help you easily build a more efficient business.


Drive conversations and automatically engage new clients 

Never second-guess a client status again! With our Intro Offer Automation, you can confidently touch base with your community utilizing customizable communication that enables you to nurture relationships, increase retention and sell more plans. Located under the Marketing Center in the side toolbar (tap there to your automations for the first time!), this free automation contains a sequence of personalized and editable emails and text messages* that include reminders, intro offer expiration dates, and plan offerings to help increase conversion rates. 

From the start of an intro offer to a client using 80% of their visits, the seven types of messaging will be triggered for all intro offers purchased in Walla, used or unused. Plus, you have the ability to control the messages you want to send with an on-and-off toggle—and you can insert the specific plan and class link you like (including direct links for plans you don’t typically sell online!). Now, you can deliver a strategic message without extra effort, enabling you to engage and convert leads and clients to long-term studio members. #winning

A few more product updates to optimize your software experience

Whether it’s simplifying plan cancellations or updating reporting, this release also has the following functions: 

  • Cancel a scheduled plan cancellation 
  • Reactivate expired plans (editing the expiration date on a plan)
  • Overbooked class popup warning/notification  
  • Mobile-friendly cash report 
  • Link from Walla app announcements into studio classes, schedule or plan pages—the best client experience to influence sales! 
  • Detailed transaction export now lists out multiple products purchased in one transaction

*Two-way text messaging is currently available in Tier 2 or à la carte via the two-way texting feature of Walla.