What’s Up at Walla: Offer Individual Client Experiences With Appointments

Increasing client accountability and motivation is always a priority. But giving them a personal, result-based experience at your studio that help them meet (and exceed) their goals? Now that’s a win for retention—and a win for new revenue in this new year. That’s why we’re releasing Appointments!

As we continue to build out this new feature and functionality over the next few months, our first iteration of appointments will allow your studio to build and sell individual client-facing experiences and design and market an engaging fitness regimen—like one-on-one yoga classes, singular Pilates instruction, or private training sessions. Plus, our appointments are made just for fitness—not spa or salon—so they are simple, clean, and easy for your clients to book and buy!

So what does our first round of appointments look like, and what else is included in our latest release?


Start scheduling your staff and selling individual studio classes + experiences

Appointments are located on the main side navigation of your Walla software, and this first phase of our brand-new feature includes:

  • Creating, scheduling, booking, and canceling an appointment 
  • Appointment instructor calendar (showcasing appointments + corresponding instructor) 
  • Staff-specific calendar (including managing appointments)
  • Appointment business settings (deposits + late cancel / no-show policies)
  • Booking and canceling transactional notifications for appointments
  • Appointment pay rates and payroll 
  • Accept drop-in payments with cash + card for appointments (you will be able to use plans for payment in the next release) 
  • Add promo codes to all appointments


If you’re interested in learning more about appointments and how they can benefit your business and revenue model, join us for a live webinar on January 12th as Laura, our co-founder & president, walks you through how they work in Walla! Enhanced features for appointments will be released in early February 2023.

Create push notifications and app announcements without needing a link

Weather-related class cancelation, studio sale—streamline communication, send your clients a mobile-friendly push notification, and create app announcements without adding a URL or link. Utilize these methods to share studio information and for marketing purposes in a meaningful way that you can publish in a matter of seconds!

Also, we executed over nine product updates in Walla in this release to make your software platform even more powerful!

Questions about appointments?
Check out our support articles for additional information! Please note you must be logged in to Walla to access this support content.