4 Best Practices to Increase Retention and Revenue Utilizing Consistent Communication

Do you ever question whether you’re contacting your clients too much or too little, especially when it comes to your studio email marketing strategy? In this digitally driven ecosystem, consumers have an attention span of eight seconds (if we are lucky), so capturing their attention and influencing engagement is key. But knowing where to start—and what type of content to share—can be intimidating. According to industry marketing expert, Catalina Zbar of Telomere Consulting, it all comes down to channels, frequency, and messaging. The how, what, and why of your business. 

“There is a lack of time and investment in email marketing outside of newsletters,” says Catalina. “Research shows that your clients want to hear from you, so maximize the opportunity within your client lists.”

Here are our top four best practices and tactics for your studio and how your content and cadence can significantly raise the bar (and ultimately) your bottom line.

#1. Don’t underestimate the power of communication

Over half of clients and customers wish they heard more from their fitness and wellness business. A communication cadence naturally builds rapport and brand allegiance, instigates trust and loyalty, and creates an undeniable sense of community. Your email communication strategy should always align with a goal. Consider how you can segment and use your client email lists. Think about how you can automate your studio email marketing process. “Having a list of engaged people is gold for your business,” says Laura Munkholm, President & Co-Founder of Walla. It’s no longer about the monthly newsletters—it’s about sharing meaningful information and reminders that keep your clients engaged and prospects nurtured. 


#2. Develop an easy-to-execute omni-channel communication strategy

The foundation of a successful marketing content cadence comes down to telling the same message across numerous channels, which include:

Consider why you are on what platform, and look at the content you are sharing comprehensively. Ensure you are aligned from a content planning perspective, too.

“Organic content is continually performing really well,” says Catalina. “Create a staff meeting cadence to help keep everyone accountable regarding your studio’s communication strategy. Separately managing individual channels leads to inconsistency.” 

Justify and authenticate what type of content you are sharing with your clients. It can be more than just yoga poses. They want to hear from you; they are already engaged, so test and iterate. 


#3. Figuring out your frequency 

One of the biggest marketing challenges studio owners need help with is how often to send communication. According to Catalina, the best way to start is scheduling emails at specific points in time, using this data to guide your communication cadence: 

  • Send weekly or bi-weekly emails
  • 61% of clients/customers would like to receive promotional emails every week; 38% more frequently
  • Weekdays perform best, specifically Tuesday and Thursday
  • Regularity is the most effective and important component
  • Monitor your open rates—if you’re seeing above 40%, you’re on the right track with the frequency of communication 

And while your clients are craving more communication, remember content amount varies. Catalina suggests writing emails in-house, stepping away, and then re-reading to make your email concise and meaningful versus the easy (and often long) stream of consciousness. 


#4. What are you saying, and what is your goal? 

Now you know your clients want to hear from you, but what they really want and how you can keep them engaged is sharing content that makes them feel part of your success. Keep a consistent tone across all messaging, and see how you can share your studio story and encourage clients to participate. You don’t always have to sell, too, says Catalina. 

  • Think about Ideal CTAs for the highest click-through rates and conversions
  • Thoughtful subject lines
  • Short or long-form messaging depends on the content you’re sharing
  • Vary content, so it’s not always sales
  • Personalize your messages

Start creating content standards and expectations. For example, you don’t need to send a massive once-a-month newsletter. Consumers will stop scrolling, and you only have those few seconds to capture their attention. Break up that bulky newsletter content into a few emails a month. Plain text with your logo. Personalized, short, and sweet with a CTA. And make your newsletter your hub for studio “housekeeping,” setting client expectations every time it’s sent. 

“Turn the digital transaction into a conversation,” says Catalina. By leveraging consistent communication and sharing your studio story, you’re allowing them to participate. Plus, you can introduce/reintroduce yourself and your studio to new subscribers.

If you're looking to learn more, listen to our Communications 101 Webinar with Laura and Catalina and see how you can use channels, frequency, and messaging to increase studio engagement and, in turn, revenue and retention.