The Walla App: Spots Taken and Class Capacity for Added Accuracy and Easy Client Booking Experience

In our most recent product release for the Walla app, here are some changes, features, and functionality for iOS and Android. 

Overall updates

Capacity and spots taken: Based on your studio’s preferences under Business Settings in Walla, clients can now see how many spots are booked for a class—and how many openings are available—when looking at your studio schedule, making it easy for them to buy and see if they want to invite a friend to work out with them! 

Walla App: iOS

Schedule automatically reflects waitlist: When clients look at your studio schedule, they will only be prompted to pay for a spot if a waitlist is available.

Accurate class booking window: A class booking window will only close at the start time, not earlier or later. 


Wall app: Android

Navigation bar visibility: Now, the navigation bar within the Walla app appears when clients are browsing, booking, and buying. 

The Walla App is available in the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).