Instantly Capture and Convert Potential Clients with Walla’s Lead Forms

Lead generation forms are crucial to your fitness business (well, any business). They are an integral part of your website and an important aspect and tactic regarding attracting future clients, getting them to engage, and capturing their information. But what is your lead generation strategy, and what is your experience like? 

Sign-up, registration, discount, contact details—your lead forms need to be functional, seamless, and reduce the barrier to entry and interest. Just think of how many bad lead forms you’ve filled out—unbranded and not beautiful. That’s why Walla is launching all-new, built-in Lead Intake Forms* in the Walla Marketing Suite so you can put your best brand forward to every person who lands on your website.


With an easy-to-configure setup in the Walla Marketing Center, choose your brand colors, images (optional) and select if you want your form to be a pop-up on your webpage or inline within your website (ie, the footer) collecting the following information: 

  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Phone number (optional)

Then grab your snippet of code, plug it in, and voilà! Walla’s lead forms enable you to customize details and copy so you can easily see what form captured potential customer information, immediately adding that new contact information into Walla, denoted by the lead form that drove them into your studio funnel. From there, you can segment, nurture, and convert these leads with the right content at the right time using Walla’s automations and more! No third party, no lapse in data—just real-time lead information every single time.

With this new, upcoming functionality in Walla, you're significantly increasing your chance of converting a website browser into a member. And with targeted messaging, like an enticing introductory discount, you’re helping to seal the profitable deal. But at its very core, why are lead generation forms so important? Why should every brand’s website have them—and how can Walla’s elevate your experience and first impression? 

Capture potential studio members: Lead forms act as gateways for consumers to express their interest in your fitness studio. When visitors fill out these forms, they initiate a direct interaction with your business, indicating their intention to learn more or engage further and allowing you to market your business and brand when you’re still top of mind.

Build your client database: The contact information collected through lead forms helps you automatically build a database of potential clients in Walla. This database becomes valuable for your marketing efforts—especially with segmented marketing automations and newsletters. It allows you to reach out to leads and guide them through the conversion process, from a complimentary first class to a recurring monthly membership.

Direct communication channel: Lead forms establish a direct line of communication with interested individuals who want to learn more and engage with your studio. Once you have their contact details, you can respond promptly to inquiries, address questions, and provide the information they're seeking, along with offering them promotions to get them through your door and into class. 

Personalization: Personalization is powerful and is expected by consumers today across all industries, especially fitness and wellness. Lead forms give you a tool to gain insight into the preferences and needs of each prospect. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your communication by using marketing tools like Journeys to speak directly to their interests, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Lead nurturing: Not all leads are ready to commit immediately. Lead forms enable you to initiate lead nurturing strategies, such as sending follow-up emails, informative content, and special offers. This gradual approach builds trust, familiarity, and guides studio prospects toward conversion.

Segmentation: The details provided in lead forms allow you to segment your leads into different categories. In Walla, you can target specific consumers based on the type of lead form they filled out, giving you insights into what caught their attention and what they want to learn more about. And with Walla’s Marketing Suite, you can use segmentation to deliver targeted content and offers.

Efficient follow-up: Lead forms ensure that you collect all the necessary information for effective follow-up in a streamlined manner. With Walla’s Lead Intake Forms, we are saving both your staff and your potential client time by making the process seamless but adding them to your studio contacts and enabling you to contact them effectively, gaining their interest and increasing a chance for conversion.

Reduced friction: Learning more about your studio should be easy. Without lead forms, potential clients might need to search for contact details or navigate multiple pages to get in touch, making it a frustrating branded experience. With Walla, we simplify the process by providing a clear and convenient way to initiate communication that makes a great first impression and promotes your brand.

Lead forms are not just basic contact forms but a fundamental part of your client relationship and conversion strategy. They enable you to establish connections, gather valuable data, and guide potential customers toward becoming loyal clients of your fitness studio—and with Walla’s Lead Intake Forms, we make it easier than ever to gain integral lead information so you can nurture them from the moment they submit!

*Walla Lead Intake Forms are part of the Walla Marketing Suite