Apple Pay is Hot—and Here’s What It Means For Your Studio

Did you know there are 2.3 billion mobile wallets worldwide—and out of those, 507 million use Apple Pay? Yes, you read that right. And this holiday season, Apple Pay is booming with a capital B.

Currently, holiday spending shows Apple Pay adoption is growing at an “extremely rapid pace,” with 52% year-over-year growth globally (and 59% in the U.S.). And now that Apple Pay is giving PayPal some steep competition, consumer usage of alternative payment methods like digital wallets is increasing in popularity and becoming more mainstream.

So what does the rise in Apple Pay mean for your studio? From purchasing a class plan to kick-start their new year to buying a retail item at your front desk for a holiday party gift, accepting Apple Pay can significantly benefit your fitness business. With roughly 7 in 10 people using their mobile wallet online regularly, your clients are increasingly relying on secure digital payment services, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and trust these more convenient payment options versus providing physical credit card options at every site or store.

“The value of Apple Pay has become synonymous with simplicity and security. With Apple Pay being accepted almost everywhere, it’s eliminating the utility of plastic cards and proving digital wallets are a durable, habit-forming payment method and behavior for consumers, not a novelty.”
— Doug Hecht, CEO of Walla

By offering a safe, secure checkout experience at your studio, here are a few ways Apple Pay can save time, protect against canceled sales, increase conversion rates, and give more value to your business (minus any additional fees with Walla).

Ultimate flexibility

As the payment landscape continues to evolve, giving your clients choices regarding how they want to pay naturally empowers more purchases—and trust in what and when they buy. Digital wallet payment methods, like Apple Pay, also shows your studio is in touch with their buying behavior and the growing trend of secure digital payment services.

Emphasize security

A surprising number of consumers in the U.S. (90% to be exact!) state that personal information security is the most important item they consider when choosing a payment method. Protecting personal data has become a top priority! Apple Pay is safer than a physical credit or debit card—and your clients know their card numbers won’t be stored on your studio devices. Communicating and knowing your business takes Apple Pay is just an added peace of mind when creating a stronger connection to your community (and all those new clients this new year).

Confident cash alternative

Rising interest rates, high inflation, threat of a recession—the economy, managing money, and spending are all hot-button topics right now. Financial stress at its finest. That’s why consumers are becoming more compelled to use digital cash equivalents to avoid taking on debt in a shaky economy. Communicating and encouraging Apple Pay at your studio gives your clients an extra boost of buying convenience and confidence. Partner that with a holiday or new year promotion? And you’ll truly drive home the “purchase worth” (and maybe they will even spend a little more!).

Faster transactions

Consumers love Apple Pay because it’s easy—and fast. Your clients are looking for a quick checkout experience, whether it’s at your studio, grabbing a smoothie next door, or filling up on gas. With Apple Pay, there’s less time to “abandon cart” and lose a purchase because they can’t find their credit card or second-guess their buying decision. Purchases instantly appear in their mobile wallet, eliminating wasted paper receipts. Plus, there’s no need for added payment patience at the front desk when you’re busy; it’s a simple scan-and-go!

No Additional Fees

Digital payments without extra fees are a bonus for your business (and you don’t have to pass on any extra costs to your clients). Apple Pay is one of the built-in payment options within the Walla software. Your studio will have access to a modern, hassle-free, contactless payment method minus any hidden charges.

Walla’s credit card processing fees: 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction (with a Stripe terminal: 2.7% + 5 cents per transaction).