7 Tips to Capitalize on New Client Traffic Heading Into the New Year

The fitness and wellness push in January is predictable, with 12% of all gym signups taking place during that month. It’s that new year, new you consumer mentality. As a studio owner, prepping for an uptick in traffic is always part of the business plan, but are you really ready to capitalize on the new clients, guests, and gift card recipients? 

“Being strategic about how you harness the December energy at your studio can put your fitness business in a great position to kick off the new year,” says Laura Munkholm, president and co-founder of Walla. “You have to be ready for all the new leads, though. And that means looking at everything from updating QR codes—which have seen 443% growth in usage this year!—to creating a seamless guest experience.”

From reminding your staff about the power of authentic engagement to updating your marketing assets, here are seven simple steps from Pixality’s End-of-Year Marketing Checklist, thanks to digital strategist Connie Holen! This checklist has items you can execute before year end to prepare your studio for the new year rush so you can confidently increase retention, encourage new revenue opportunities—and minimize churn.

1. Decide on your “New Years” campaign messaging
  • Think about how your headlines and studio images can be more sticky and memorable and catch the attention of newer clients and guests.
  • Consider what you would like to see and know about a place you have just been introduced to. 
  • Reliability, communication, and familiarity are key!
2. Publish and update landing page with compelling copy+ QR code
  • Utilize a landing page to capture new client traffic while creating an easily digestible and timely destination to drive traffic to.  
3. Create digital and small print marketing assets
  • Social posts, flyers, new client postcards, etc.
  • Think of easy-to-understand language, layout, and quality of your asset.
  • Companies like Moo print high-quality, budget-friendly marketing materials quickly—so it’s not too late!  
4. Test your “bring a friend” class sign-up process
  • You want to ensure this process is seamless and ready to go so you don’t miss any new lead opportunities when clients invite friends and family to your studio.
  • Create a strategy around how you want to market to friends and family members and what tools you can use to convert them to a new client. Hint: Email marketing is a great tool! 
5. Train + refresh your staff on new client processes and the importance of remembering names
  • The new year is a great opportunity (and an excuse) to revisit training and goals with your staff, especially when engaging with new clients.
  • Little things like remembering names and making personalized class suggestions will help your studio stand out to new clients and help them feel connected to your brand and community.
6. Start promotions 12/26
  • A few days before the ball drops is the best time to blast out studio deals and promotions—social ad costs can dip, and this will keep leads and clients in the loop so they can establish and hit the ground running.
Jan 1 - Change © year at the bottom of your website to 2023
  • This isn’t a groundbreaking idea, but by updating the year on your website footer, you build new client trust and show you pay attention to details. 

For more marketing insights as you prep for the new year, listen to our webinar—and see how you can set your studio up for success in-person and online to get noticed in 2023!