6 Tactics To Catch the Attention of Holiday Deal-Seekers at Your Studio

It’s that time of year again—and Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are all back. The deal-hunting consumer phenomenon has become a shopping staple across multiple industries during the holidays. But how can you stand out in an already crowded, competitive space when it comes to capturing your client's attention ahead of the new year?

“By prioritizing your marketing tasks, you’re enabling your studio to get ready for the deal shoppers in November, gift-givers in December, and the resolution makers in January,” said Connie Holen, digital strategist and web designer from Pixality Design.

According to IHRSA, 12% of all gym signups happen in January, while the remaining months average around 8.3%. By creating and communicating enticing Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and holiday offers, consumers can feel like they are getting and giving value to kickstart a new year routine. At the same time, your studio leverages that bump in new year clients and guests.

From QR codes to landing pages and gift cards, being strategic with your holiday deal decisions sets up your studio to sell, sell, sell in December.

“Don’t underestimate the ease of purchase for gift cards,” said Laura Munkholm, co-founder and president of Walla. “The River Yoga, one of our studio partners at Walla, sold 2x more gift cards last holiday season just because it was so simple for their clients to purchase without any barriers or questions on our platform.” 

So what are the tactics to tap into all that spending on Black Friday and holiday time spending and traffic? Here are six steps you can implement (one to two per week) from Pixality’s End-of-Year Marketing Checklist

1. Decide on your holiday promo
  • What are you trying to sell? What is the message? Make sure your deal is easy to understand and purchase. 
  • Consider gift “bundles” and create the perfect retail + in-studio package to make it simple for your customers to give to family and friends. A one-stop shop!
2. Choose the channels for promotion (social, in-person, events, etc.)
  • Consider the channels your leads and clients engage with most—and leverage that insight. Also, consider where and how you find your small business deals. 
3. Create a landing page for your deal + QR code
  • QR code usage has increased by 443% in 2022—and it’s the easiest way for your current and future clients to get information instantly. 
  • Use QR codes on your front desk, online, and in your window to promote your holiday deal, and be sure to drive to a landing page or place on your studio site where your deal offering and purchase method are straightforward.  
4. Design and share marketing assets for your holiday offer 
  • Social posts, flyers, store signage—make sure your messaging is “sticky,” addresses the who, what, and why, and is complimentary wherever and however you share it.
  • Remember, the channel you promote your offer on, and the assets you create and share should match the audience you want to capture. 
5. If running ads, consult your ad consultant for holiday budget/timing considerations
  • Social and online ads' costs triple in December (and will get lost in the shuffle!). If the budget is top-of-mind, consider pausing intro offer ads in mid-November. That will allow you to save and use marketing dollars going into January. 
6. Check that your gift card widget is on your website and easy to find
  • Remind your clients that gift cards are options, and consider running a promotion to accompany a gift card purchase (like guest passes). You never know what guests might become a member!

Tapping into predictable consumer traffic and nurturing those new client going into the new year is key to a successful business strategy. For more marketing insights, listen to our webinar—and see how you can optimize your studio online to get noticed this new year!