4 Reasons Why We Love a Studio Mastermind Network—and How Joining Can Impact Success

The boutique fitness industry has constantly shifted and adapted over the past three years. From reshaping class structure and rethinking traditional scheduling to redefining client engagement, how we overcome and succeed as studio owners and wellness entrepreneurs is a collective effort. And together, we can permanently impact consumer fitness and wellness. But hey, it’s a big task, and we can’t do it alone. That’s where a mastermind group fits in. 

Mastermind and studio management groups, like Boutique Fitness Solutions (BFS), eliminate a feeling of competition and instead create a constantly evolving environment of connection, learning, and community. Consultants, influencers, executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and studio owners become your peers (even friends!), empowering you to launch, manage and scale your studio operations wherever you are in your business journey. It’s a safe space where you can lean on like-minded peers across multiple facets of the wellness industry to brainstorm, gain industry knowledge and experience, and create relationships where growth and success are encouraged.

“We believe in the power of learning by sharing knowledge from those who came before us, who are with us—and who follow behind us,” says Jessica LaChance, Chief Studio Success Officer of Boutique Fitness Solutions. “The feeling of empowerment, sense of belonging, and increased confidence that comes with being in a room with others who ‘truly get it’ is undeniable. That's what makes mastermind networks so powerful; they fuel your mind and your heart!"

So how can joining a mastermind network and community like BFS truly impact your business, bottom line, and personal well-being? 

The network effect

Networking isn’t just for college or Corporate America. Mastermind groups are made for making meaningful connections, sharing knowledge, and increasing assurance in your business decisions. This includes referrals, new deals, and partnerships. By facilitating relationships within a peer-to-peer network, including BFS, you are foundationally building friendships—and people inherently trust their friends for advice. You’ll be more open and confident to try suggestions others have tested and tried and listen to other members of your mastermind group. When you spend time talking to other industry professionals, you’ll inevitably share learnings and services, and other members will return the favor. It naturally becomes a circle of inspiration and education.

Meaningful motivation

Being part of a group where people are motivated encourages that trait within yourself. Self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-discipline are just a few of those characteristics. In a mastermind network and group coaching where you’re surrounded by people who inspire you to be a more effective leader, other members can serve as examples of how you can creatively overcome challenges at your studio, avoid burnout, and connect with your strengths (and staff). You’ll discover ways to streamline your business operations, deepen relationships with your staff, and eliminate everyday stress that takes away from your brand and mission. 

Power of outside perspective 

It’s a no-brainer: Multiple minds sharing ideas and learnings are better than one. Research shows that it’s often easier for outsiders to connect with thoughts and ideas because they naturally have fewer preconceptions than insiders. So a boxing gym might just be able to influence strategies at a yoga studio! From acquisition tactics to growth opportunities, you’ll find fresh solutions and creative ideas in a mastermind group like BFS, which bring together different fitness verticals and experts to help eliminate tunnel vision and inspire new pathways of thinking about your fitness business. Outside perspective is critical for innovative breakthroughs, especially in the boutique fitness industry, where continuously evolving and trapping into new strategies can only fuel success.

Companionship and community 

Did you know that entrepreneurs are more likely to experience mental health problems than people who don’t own their own business? (72% to be exact!) And many of those mental health issues are a result of isolation. Joining an online or in-person community of fellow studio owners, entrepreneurs, and executives can mitigate that feeling of loneliness and reduce stress by leveraging action-oriented, result-driven experiences to help you succeed. When building new connections in a mastermind group, you’re sharing your wins—and sometimes your woes—with people who have been there and can make everyday studio operations enjoyable and joyful. It’s all about supporting your growth and mental health with a network like BFS that understands where you’ve been and where you want to go! Knowing you aren’t the only one asking questions or second-guessing your decision-making (like marketing spend) makes running your business more manageable. Plus, you get to lean on and learn from industry experts and other studio owners, boosting your confidence and presence in the boutique fitness space.   

To learn more about becoming part of Boutique Fitness Solutions, enroll to become a BFS Mastermind today, and you’ll get an exclusive Walla discount that waives your onboarding fee—a $150 savings!