Classifying Clients: The 4 Main Personality Types

It's not a single-fits-all approach when it comes to individuals who attend your studio. Every client, every person who takes classes is different. Some are empowered by intrinsic motivation; others crave workouts with friends. Whatever makes them move, leveraging their personality type through our software and Skillpower can impact engagement, revenue, retention, and lasting connections. 

So what are the four types of personalities, and how do a specific typology influence communication, expectations, and goal setting when they step into your studio? It starts with understanding who they are and meeting internal expectations. 


The social butterfly
Always involved; thrives with positive encouragement; likes to work out with friends  
Givers gain strength from others. They are empathetic and enjoy community-oriented events where they can contribute to the greater good. Attuned to the opinions and expectations of others, they often put their needs last. Givers like to stay in touch with others and keep tabs on what’s going on. Hey, social media! They enjoy fitting in and being part of the group but fear not being accepted at the same time because they care about what others think.
Promote group classes, buddy passes, and social studio events. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra time talking to them. 


Miss/Mr. Independent
Not afraid to ask questions; value-based attitude; needs a little push to try something new
Thinkers are often creative and have unique skill sets. They have a strong inner sense of who they are and what’s important—and can be set in their ways. Because they spend a lot of time in their head, they also have an unwavering sense of how to live life. They often buck trends and carve their path. Questioning new ideas is in their nature, and they won’t try something until it’s proven. Analysis-paralysis is their enemy.
Promote intro offers, don’t try to oversell, and have an experienced instructor educate them on the benefits of a “trendy” workout offering.


Goal Getter
Driven; health-conscious mentality; open to trying new classes
Doers possess high social sensitivity and can accomplish goals independently or with peers. Balancing expectations from multiple facets of their life is their specialty. They are conscientious, agreeable, reliable, and morally mature. Taking risks isn’t in their nature and can be hard on them for not achieving perfection.
Promote seasonal workout challenges and celebrate their studio successes (like their 50th cycling class!).


No BS, No Problem
Confident; respects honest communication; books classes solo
Mavericks typically approach life with a mindset that they are on their own. The lone wolf. They aren’t concerned about what society (or their friends) expect of them. Truly unique with many layers, making decisions without second-guessing is in a Maverick's DNA. Genuine, authentic, meaningful communication garners their attention and respect. And while freedom is their forté, making choices on their own can have its difficulties—and they are missing out on social support. 
Promote in-studio conversations without going over the top; weave in healthy hobbies and studio happenings as talking points. 

Learn more about the four personality types and how they can influence everyday interactions with our in-depth interview with Skillpower expert., John Hartman.