"Memberships are trending up, my team is happy."

With three studios in Denver, discover how owner Danielle is leveraging Walla to eliminate everyday operational friction—and create deeper connections with her community.

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The River Yoga
"Changing systems can be a daunting and scary move to make as a small studio, but the Walla team made it so wonderful with their unending help to walk us through every step!"
Whitney Maas
Director of Operations, The River Yoga
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Blue Ridge Yoga
"It’s so intuitive and easy to find what I need!”
Jessica Mishu
Owner, Blue Ridge Yoga
Better Buzz Yoga
"I spent 15 hours a week on the phone with customer service on my old software. Now that we are on Walla, I am able to spend more time in the studio with my students!"
Jaime Sense
Owner, Better Buzz Yoga
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Honey Yoga
“It’s so refreshing to have everything in one place and to know that it was designed by someone I can trust!”
Bridget Regan
Owner & Co-founder, Honey Yoga
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Firefly Yoga & Movement Center
“We've sold as many intro offers last week on Walla as we did last month on WellnessLiving. The most beautiful part of that, though, is all of those sales on Walla were hands-free on our end."
Kelly Partyke
Owner, Firefly Yoga & Movement Center
Love Yoga
"The switch was incredibly smooth on Walla’s part... and since switching, even my most tech-challenged clients love it."
Suzanne Davis
Owner, Love Yoga
OH Yoga
"Intuitive, user-friendly, sleek, great amounts of data in a clean and informative layout. This software will change businesses!"
Kara Brussow
Owner, OH Yoga
PeaceFull Warrior
"Seriously, everyone can figure this software out."
Irene Pernick
Owner, PeaceFull Warrior
Pop Fit Studio
"In Walla, I didn’t even need training. It was so intuitive.”
Christine DeFilippis
Owner, Pop Fit Studio
Purely Hot Yoga
"Zero regrets! I'm so glad I made the change from Mindbody."
Julie Havelock
Owner & Director, Purely Hot Yoga

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