Empowering Every Practice

With a sweet, welcoming space that encourages inclusivity and self-love, how does women-owned Honey Yoga embrace technology without disrupting their community? You switch to a studio management platform with a modern, clean interface and easy, insightful reporting that makes business decisions a breeze. Those two things helped owner Bridget and Honey Yoga evolve and have their best month on record since opening in 2017.


Biggest operational hurdle and pain point before making the switch to Walla?

Thinking back, I would say my biggest pain was the complexity of everyday tasks in Mindbody. It felt like even putting a new class on the schedule or changing that class took so many steps—and when I had trouble, it was very difficult to get help from customer service. Sometimes it would take days until I heard back via email. And on the phone? Getting an answer was ridiculous. Everything felt like such a labor with Mindbody.


How was your migration experience from Mindbody to Walla?

Making the switch to Walla was great. I was naturally really nervous at first, though. Honey Yoga has a very diverse clientele with different technological abilities. I was nervous some of our older clients would have a really hard time in the transition, which they did not! I also wasn't sure how the switch would impact studio exposure to other clients or the level of organic advertising. But none of that stuff happened. Nobody seemed to really care when we changed software. Everybody just did it. And Walla took care of all the nitty-gritty details, like moving all our studio information over. Even credit cards got taken care, too, without any issues.


Can you see the positive impact Walla has on your daily operations—and your staff?

Software challenges I had on Mindbody are just super easy with Walla. I can manage my studio now from my phone, where it was super clunky before to do anything on mobile. Little changes are really easy with Walla, too. I have a lot more confidence that when I'm not here, and my staff has to run a transaction or whatever, they can do it just because Walla is so much more intuitive. Plus, I don’t have to do a lot of training with my staff, which is great. It’s easy to do exactly what you need to do with Walla!


Your favorite feature or function in Walla? ‍

My favorite feature is definitely the reporting.  It's so easy every month to say, “oh, here’s how my intro did.” I look at one report and know if Honey Yoga’s intro offers are growing or going down. The charts and the bar graphs of our sales and studio performance—just having them broken down into categories is really helpful.


What would you tell another studio owner about making the switch to Walla? 

There’s really no reason to stick with a software company that is not easy to use and doesn't offer everything you and your studio need. There’s no reason not to switch. The migration is easy, and my student community didn't care, and Walla is just great software. It’s made running my business a lot more enjoyable.


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