What’s Up at Walla: Increase Revenue by Adding Additional Clients to Appointments

Increasing the ease of Walla and continually implementing new features and functions you request is always part of our product roadmap—and overall goal. So what made it into our latest release? Well, it starts with appointments and a few exciting updates built to save you time at every booking and scheduling touchpoint.

Ready for a duet: Instantly add additional clients to an appointment
From private yoga sessions to individualized Pilates instruction, Walla makes it easy to add another client to an appointment in real-time from the booking flow! When scheduling an appointment for a client, you can search and find another contact(s), include them in the appointment, and check everyone out on screen in seconds. You are optimizing an opportunity for additional revenue, encouraging accountability, and empowering your clients to motivate their friends to participate in a private studio experience!  

At a glance: See a client’s name from your studio appointment schedule
Curious about what client booked the 4 pm personal training session? On the Appointment Schedule by Staff screen, every appointment listed on the calendar will now make the client's name visible, so your instructors, teachers, and staff know exactly who they will be engaging with in a visually appealing overview. Also, when you click on an individual appointment from the staff schedule, we’ve simplified the appointment details by removing the total price at the top recap/header, eliminating any financial confusion or necessary information. 

Doing the math: Updates to the percentage of revenue for appointments
If your studio sells a lot of limited plans, this feature is for you! Previously, we calculated the revenue percentage based on drop-in price regardless of the booking method. Now, we are calculating revenue if the client was booking an appointment using a limited class plan/pack—and determining the revenue percentage of that single pass price, giving you an accurate representation to align with your studio goals.

Keeping up with categories: New additions to appointments
Organization and correct tagging for your studio offerings and experiences are key. So we added Kids and Bungee as two brand-new appointment categories. You can easily update appointments that fit these two sections so your clients can easily find, book, and buy the exact studio experiences they want! 

The right refund: No-show updates under Business Settings 
When you determine your studio details within your Walla Business Settings, your no-show policy now mirrors the same action as your late cancelation refund policy. Streamline how and when you refund your clients when they show up after the start time or cancel their class, appointment, or enrollment outside of your window.  

Who, what, where: Find and filter contacts more granularly
We’ve added a few new filters to your Contacts section of Walla. These include the ability to search and filter by:

  • Home studio - location
  • Marketing Opt-In - if they want to receive marketing communication 
  • # of Visits - minimum or maximum  

These allow you to get more specific when creating client lists and look at contact details in an all-encompassing, detail-oriented snapshot. 

Questions about Walla features? Check out our support library! Please note you must be logged in to Walla to access this support content.